Forever Artemis: Clean Sidewalks

I have an ex-boyfriend who lives by Nielsen’s Frozen Custard in Holladay.  One afternoon in the summertime several years ago, I was really wanting a frozen custard and I talked him into walking the dogs up the street to Nielsen’s.

We placed our orders at the window, dogs on leashes and very excited about the whole thing.  There were quite a few people there and lots of little kids, so it was challenging keeping Franklin, Artemis, and Vernon away from everyone’s cones and custard cups.


Artemis:                                           leader of the sidewalk cleaners

So challenging, that we decided it was probably better to just sit on the bench outside Nielsen’s and eat our custard there rather than try and walk the dogs on leashes back to his house and eat custard at the same time.

We were totally into eating our frozen custard and realized that the dogs were no longer begging for a share of our treats.  We looked down and the dogs were licking the sidewalk.  They were cleaning the old custard drips off the dirty sidewalk… Yum!

My boyfriend looked down and said, “Wow, I bet that’s the cleanest this sidewalk has been in a really long time.”



Look at those tongues!  (L to R):  Franklin, Vernon, and Artemis.  


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