The best laid plans [of dogs] often go awry

Taking from the famous quote by Robert Burns, “The best laid plans … often go awry.”

As you may recall, Sara of CAWS, and I put together a solid plan to help Mocha adapt to her new surroundings.  After a day of panic-barking when I went back to work on Monday, we met up and I got the kennel-crate set up in the bedroom, and dosed Mocha up with some CBD oil.  IMG_0772.JPG

Mocha barked in the kennel most of the day on Tuesday while I was at work, as I observed on the dog monitor.  I felt awful.  My friend Chris stopped by about mid-day and let the dogs out and Mocha was happy as a clam once she was out in the backyard with Chris and Charlotte (Franklin opted to stay inside in his bed).

I was hoping that Wednesday would be better.  I again put her in the kennel and dosed her up with CBD oil.  I had to drive to Logan for work, which added about 3 hours of commuting on to my already 8 hour day.  My friend Nicole, who is Charlotte’s dog-hiking group leader at Mountain Mutts, stopped by to pick up Charlotte for a hike and let Franklin and Mocha out for a pee break.  I had been watching Mocha on the dog monitor and she was again, barking her brains out.  Then I got this text, “Was Mocha’s nose scratched when you left?”  Uhh… no.  What happened?  Well, it seems that Mocha wanted “out” of the kennel so bad that she rubbed her snout against the crate hard enough and enough times to completely take the skin off of it.  It was really swollen up, too.


When Nicole got back from the hike with Charlotte, she texted me again, “Do you want me to just take Mocha to my house?  You’d have to swing by and pick her up later.”  Yes.  Please.  I knew she would be so much happier out of that kennel and around another human.


I picked Mocha up at Nicole’s house, and she was super happy and smiling, although with a swollen, red snout, just following Nicole’s dog Leroy around the house.  I took sweet Mocha home and put some salve on her nose, and she was visibly in pain.

One more day of work (Thursday) and then I would have a three-day weekend.  Because of the problem of her injuring her nose trying to get out of the kennel, I decided to leave her loose in the house (even though she panic-barked at the front door the first day I went back to work) but I closed the dog door so that at least if she barked, she wouldn’t be bothering my neighbors.IMG_0787.jpg

Nicole stopped by again to take Charlotte hiking, and texted me, “Do you think Mocha wants to come hiking with us?”  Well, I was certain of that.  But Mocha, when I took her on her first hike about a week ago, wandered off and wouldn’t come back to me, Franklin, and Charlotte, and I had to go running down the trail to round her up (she’s not fast).  I replied to Nicole, “Sure!  But she should probably only go about 1 hour and stay on the leash so she doesn’t wander off.”

I should point out, that I completely trust Nicole’s judgment as far as my dogs go.  Suffice it to say, Mocha hiked for 2 hours and did the majority of the hike off-leash and stayed with the group (nine dogs total).  I was so proud.


I watched her all day on the dog monitor:  she slept quietly in her bed all day long and from what I could see, she and Charlotte only barked when the mailman stopped by the house.  So proud of my girls!!!

So now, we have a little healing to do with Mocha’s poor nose, but she seems to be settling right in, and I couldn’t be more happy.  I will continue to give her the CBD oil each morning and evening (5mg in the morning and 2.5mg at night) but she only goes in the kennel at night to sleep and we keep the door open!  She really does like to sleep in the kennel and I think she feels safe and snuggled in, but she is definitely scared if I close the door and leave her there when I leave.  She did so well the last 2 days when I left the house and left her in loose the living room, I think she is past her separation anxiety/panic-barking stage.  At least I hope so!


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