We Ride

I cried my eyes out the day that I found out that Franklin had broken his leg again.  I went up into the mountains with Charlotte, and although I couldn’t find the energy to run, we had a nice hike up the mountain and a good jog down.  It really did help to get out a bit, even if I cried the whole way up.  I haven’t cried much at home, because I don’t want Franklin to see me upset.  Charlotte was too busy on the trail being a puppy to realize that I was upset (which is fine with me) but I did make her stop a couple of times to give me a hug and a kiss.


Puppy trail kisses 

I’ve had a lot of support from a lot of friends, offering words of encouragement and offering to help out with the dogs.  I was afraid I might not be able to go to the one trail race that I have planned next month, but a friend offered to take both of the dogs for me for two days so that I can go.  It’s kind of a big deal, because when I finish this year, I’ll get a huge belt buckle because it’s my 5th year running this particular event (and that’s the tradition, to get the buckle after 5 finishes).  I’m looking forward to going, especially knowing that my kids will be well taken care of.

I had another friend reach out to me and got me in touch with a friend of hers who has a dog stroller.  I went over to her house Friday night and picked it up.  It is truly amazing.  We have gone for a 2-mile walk every day with it, and Charlotte does pretty well to heel alongside on the leash.  She pulls on the leash a little bit at first, but after we get warmed up (and she gets a little tired) she stops pulling.  Today we walked over to the park and while Franklin sat in the stroller in the shade, Charlotte and I worked on some leash-obedience.  It was good for her to be in the park around other people and dogs and try to behave.  She’s doing better:  jumping less and pulling less.  We have another meeting with the dog trainer (Robbin) in a few days for a refresher.


Our first stroll #weride


Charlotte checking on Franklin our first time out with the stroller

Franklin is truly happy to be out and about in the stroller.  It’s a little awkward getting him in, but once he is in, he just sits in there like the prince that he is.  We saw some neighbors and their dogs on the corner this morning on the way to the park, and everyone commented on what an adorable dog he is.

Franklin is actually walking around a little bit on his own, mostly with me helping him with a towel wrapped around his hips to support him, but also a bit on his own.  I was working on obedience with Charlotte this afternoon in the backyard and when we came inside, he was at the top of the steps watching us, wanting to come outside for a bit.  I got the towel and helped him down the steps, and we sat in the grass for a while.

Tomorrow, the doggie-wheelchair arrives.  I’m pretty psyched for Franklin that he will be able to amble around the block again.  We’ll take it slow at first, but I know he is going to master it like a champ.


Franklin loves lounging in the cool grass in the backyard


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