#optoutside #blackfriday #makeadogsday

I am not a “shopper.”  I hate crowds.  I love being outside!  Thank goodness for the mountains, dogs, and walking in brisk weather with a skiff of snow and some sunshine.  The elderly dogs and I hiked near ski area in Idaho (which is not open yet), but they are starting to make snow.  Check out #skitherock and #pebblecreekskiarea.  It’s a great little mountain near Pocatello, Idaho.

Actually, if you tag #optoutside and #makeadogsday on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Subaru will donate $1 to the ASPCA.  REI is closed on Black Friday, thus promoting the #optoutside hashtag.

Since the ski area is not yet open, it was a nice day on Friday after Thanksgiving (Black Friday) to get outside with the old dogs and go for a little walk.  We went across the creek and up the Green Canyon trail past the snowmaking ponds and the bomb cache, then back down the lift line from the patrol building.  1 mile loop with the old dogs and they have earned their afternoon nap.  I earned a nice plate of Thanksgiving leftovers and will eat a piece of pie here in a bit.







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